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It’s not a lie. Nor an exaggeration. Right now people are ready to buy what you are selling. Customers with their wallets (or purses) open, credit cards poised ready to ‘enquire now’, ‘add to cart’ or change providers. What is the secret elixir of success you ask? What is the magic silver bullet, the illustrious elephant in the room, the single thing you can do right now to connect with them. Keep reading.

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While there are a plethora of Perth SEM marketing companies offering Google Ad services, the revenue and reputational benefits of selecting a high-performing SEM company are worth focussing on. Our zero:one approach to search engine marketing incorporates Google Ads management and the development/management of your social media and digital marketing. Why? Getting you closest to your customer point of purchase involves an interconnected mindset understanding the rub that comes from a multi-pronged approach. What is this rub you speak of? Creating a consistent, enveloping online environment for people as they research you.



zero:one clients use us for Google Ads, the Google Display network, Remarketing/Retargeting, A/B testing, strategy development, execution, monitoring, maintenance, reporting and campaign iteration. They also access our creative copywriting and concept development in the formation of their online advertising. Before any of this takes place we get a clear line of sight on campaign objectives by:

- Understanding your business goals, challenges and opportunities
- Researching the category environment with trends, backstories and new players
- Stalking your competitors by peeking over the fence
- Empathising with customers to better understand buying priorities.

(We’re joking about ‘stalking’ by the way; we just want to see whether you’re still with us. It’s called Competitor Analysis).

Most importantly, zero:one use sophisticated data analysis methodologies as a predictor of future behaviour. Knowing what has worked provides solid insights into what works best and when. Want to know more?

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