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Will you marry me?

It’s the ultimate question, right? With it all on the line, the asker is confident they’ve done the groundwork to get the yes. Years of attentive listening. Time spent observing to understand preferences, wants and needs. Effort invested in self-reflection, shaping and moulding oneself to align with how the other person thinks. Learning when to hold back. Sensing how to respond in a crisis situation to stave off that unforeseen calamity. You get the picture right. You’ve actually got to the point where you realise a successful relationship is not about you (and having your needs met); the truth is, it’s about how the other person thinks and feels. Will you marry me?

Ready for a (content) shock?

Content marketing lays the groundwork for an audience (customer) to marry you. Sure, we might refer to a “highly engaged audience”, you probably just think of it as “ things are going well at the moment”. The purpose of a content marketing agency is to consider the role information (and inspiration) play in the customer journey converting a non-customer into a customer. In the language of love it’s meeting someone, dating, taking that chance, going further, falling in love, moving to something more committed - marriage maybe? You see it now. Phew.

Why choose us


Choosing zero:one as your content marketing agency will introduce you to the interconnected world of digital, design, brand strategy and customer insights. Where some see business problems and goals, we see opportunities to win over and impress with expertly crafted content increasing the salience and desirability of your business – sorry, those you want to fall in love with you. Why? Well beyond the business language of lead generation, lead nurturing and lead conversion, we see people; thinking, feeling, busy people with too much on their plates in a time poor world full of distractions. It’s why we take a human first approach to our content marketing strategies using

  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Social
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Podcasts

as tools to present your business in ways that enhance the lives of the people who buy from you.

Our Process

Partnering with zero:one provides you, your business, and your audiences with a solid content foundation beyond simple copywriting marketing allowing your content marketing to serve bigger marketing strategy goals. Our zero:one 5 step process delivers you

1. A content audit (to understand what you already have)
2. A strategy session (to understand your business goals, problems and future opportunities)
3. Audience development (to understand different consumer avatars priorities)
4. Development of metrics for success
5. Writing, design and content execution.


Google has delivered access to information like never before. It’s everywhere. Information is no longer the problem. What is a problem is the intentional crafting of information to meaningfully address customer priorities in a way that inspires them to choose you ahead of your competitors. Choosing zero:one gives you a marketplace edge to inform and inspire your customers in ways that see potential delivered and realised.

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