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Peacock or pigeon? Your choice

Apologies to the pigeons and pigeon lovers out there. Sure, a pigeon’s coat serves an evolutionary purpose, but hands down, peacocks win the day for eye-catching, stand out design. In the world according to birds, having eye-catching design delivers an evolutionary advantage. Their impressive tail looks more appealing (than others) which in turn generates more attention. More attention means drawing the eye of more eligible peahens thus increasing a peacock's chances of passing on its genes. Boom, there’s the payoff. Eye-catching design delivers tangible results. Survival. We’re not making this stuff up by the way. So if your CEO or board want to know why you chose zero:one as your branding agency, point them in the direction of the peacock. It’s a proven example from nature to explain the edge your business will achieve by consciously choosing eye-catching, beautiful design.

Why choose us


10 bucks says most people think branding is just logo design. Oops, we just burst that bubble. And while peacock branding is not for everyone, most businesses come to us wanting to stand out, be different, or ahead of their competition. Our answer? Purposefully created, fully fleshed out Brand Identity intentionally crafted to use the forces of nature to your advantage.


First up, branding has a number of meanings. Brand Strategy describes branding as an organisational Northstar, the point on the compass that guides decisions, actions and intended outcomes. Brand as applied to a brand logo is much more than a company logo design: it is the creation of a consistent, beautiful, intentionally curated look applied to all your marketing materials, including: 

  • your website
  • sales collateral 
  • corporate comms
  • induction manuals
  • Reconciliation Action Plans
  • Annual Reports
  • Capability Statements
  • and business cards, letterhead and email signatures. 

It involves careful consideration, competitor analysis, inspiration and most importantly, the courage to be confident. This confidence turns branding into an in-market edge as we create a Brand Promise setting the tone of what people can expect when they buy from you. Web branding delivers all the above expressed in a way that gives you the same evolutionary advantage of a peacock; an eye-catching, beautifully designed website.



Ok, so we’ve established that branding is more than a company logo design. Welcome to a brave new world. Let us now guide you on a journey of discovery as we create a market leading brand identity you’re excited about, proud of and impacts your customers in the way golden arches are synonymous with … well, you tell us; what does the McDonalds visual identity (Golden Arches) trigger in your head?


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